We produce for the best "HONEST! We have not suffered from being transparent until today. WE ARE JUNIOR! We love to be social, laugh and have fun together. YOUNG! We are approaching our age of maturity, but we want to say that we are young after many years. WE ARE TALENTED! We successfully manage dozens of brands and hundreds of model products. HELP! We are sensitive to social problems, and we invite those who are not. WE HAVE EMPATHY! We understand and look for a solution. POSITIVE! In the chaos of life, we give positive energy to both ourselves and our environment, and we love it very much. WE ARE A GOOD TEAM! Our motto is "to produce for the best". We continue our R&D studies and the sector with its brands in the national arena in order to continuously innovate and do more in our dealers and end user applications. Dama Group Board of Directors